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December 16, 2008, 4:38 pm
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With our project, we want to go the way of prevention in reference to health. Some of the fundamentals of being and staying fit and healthful are good food in combination with sports. But what we don’t wont to create is a device which is blinking and ringing the whole time, saying the user what he has to do or eat next. Our idea is to build a kind of device, which supports the user in the cases, where a break down of healthy living would appear in every days situations. A simple problem is, that users often don’t have good ideas for recipes when they go shopping spontaneously after work, without heaving planned what to buy exactly. Another problem in the same situation would be, that the user even doesn’t know what’s in his fridge. Also if your are doing sports, there is the possibility to adapt the food to the kind of sports. Our device should consist of two major parts, which are covering the red highlighted items in the concept map in any way. To realize this, one mobile device and one fixed device in the kitchen including a camera in the fridge will be necessary.

The mobile Device: This device should support the user actively while he is shopping and buying food. Ideas and suggestions for recipes will be shown on this device, it has some functionality for planning menus, and especially it will show the content of the fridge with the camera inside the fridge. Therefor the mobile device is connected to the internet. So the user is able to see what he has already in his fridge, and so he can select a menu appropriate to the content of his fridge. The aim is to prevent the users from buying fast food because he has no idea what he can cook, or because he has forgotten that there are some tasty steaks in the fridge, and he only has to buy some additional stuff.

The fixed Device: This device consists of a PC, a display and the camera in the fridge. It will be connected to the internet, and so it is able to communicate with the mobile device. A database with recipes will be on the PC. The PC will be connected to the internet also, and so the mobile and the fixed device are able to communicate. This device will synchronize itself with the mobile one. So for example if you come home from shopping, the recipe for todays meal will be shown step by step on the large display in the kitchen.

As conclusion our idea of “health care at home” is to build a device which helps the user to stay healthy by prevention. Out target group is very large, and our device will especially make sense for people, which are interested in health and maybe in sports, but often are to busy or to unorganized to buy and cook good food.


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